Today’s a Good Day

March 10, 2010

That’s what the guy (I think his name is Marcus) behind the counter at my local game store said when I asked him why he was so excited as he was ringing up my copy of Final Fantasy XIII.

Did I mention there’s a local game store a few doors down from my apartment? And they seem to know a lot of their regulars? Neighborhood places DO exist!

Anyway, after I had my game in hand, I opened the door to leave the store and just about stepped on one of these little guys standing right in front of the door.

Hi, Stinky!


A Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, or in Quynh Lingo, a Jamesie (as in King James, because when I was first learning about this dog I could never remember the full name). My latest most favouritest of the Canis lupus familiaris species.

Indeed, it was a good day. Provided your day starts after you get out of work.

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