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This Omnivore’s Pet Peeve

Posted by Quynh on August 08, 2011
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I am really surprised at the amount of people who don’t know there’s a difference between vegetarians and vegans. It’s not even because my sister-in-law is vegan, I distinctly remember learning the difference in elementary health class, which my grade-school mind boiled down to a simple formula: vegetarians = no meat, vegans = no animal product at all. This leaves some wiggle room for the definition of vegetarian, which I find acceptable (except when you run into folks who consider seafood non-meat), and makes it abundantly clear what vegan is.

It’s comments like this, “For me vegan translates to a call to the pizza guy,” that make me scratch my head. I don’t know what pizza guy makes his pizza without real dairy cheese, but maybe the person who posted that lives in some hippie enclave where vegan pizza is easily obtainable by delivery. More likely, they don’t know what “vegan” means.

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