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More Cute Little Euro Cars, Please

Posted by Quynh on August 12, 2011
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So glad to see those little Fiats on the road here now. I didn’t even know they were coming over. I thought it was only Alfa Romeo hitting our shores.

More small cars! More small cars!

I want a Fiat 500c and Vespa, but I think I’m legally required to live in a loft in SoHo before I can own either vehicle.

Build your Fiat here.

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Casual Friday

Posted by Quynh on August 12, 2011
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We don’t have casual days in the office, but I’ve decided to do my own Friday thing by wearing the most out-of-place (for the workplace) watch I own. Here’s my new yellow/orange dial Zenith Rainbow Elite on a braided NATO strap, all ready for desk diving. At 39mm and 9mm thick, is it too big for my 5.5″ wrists? Don’t bother to answer that, because I don’t actually care. I’m too busy enjoying my new watch.

Zenith Rainbow Elite Yellow Dial

Sorry about the crappy cell pic.

P.S. I post wrist shots in the hopes that they help anyone asking the question I’ve wondered dozens of times myself: How will this watch fit on my puny wrist? There are few wrist shots of small folks (women, specifically) and I’m sure there are other people in the same boat. If nothing else, it provides a good baseline on the small end. My wrists are tiny, so if you weigh more than 90lbs it’s a safe bet the watches I wear will not be too big on you.

Edit: Updated the pic.

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Ms Manners

Posted by Quynh on August 12, 2011
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I grew up under the impression that opening doors for people was simply polite, with no notion of its roots in chivalry. When I was young I did not see gender so I absorbed it all as ‘things I should do’, not ‘things men should do for women’ or vice versa. I enjoy opening doors for men now because it throws a lot of them off and they get all flustered and insistent that I go first or whatever. Silly man. I’m already opening the door, just go already.

Politeness is rather strange anyway, especially once you see how varied and conflicting it is across different cultures.

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