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More Pics of My Zenith Rainbow Elite

Posted by Quynh on August 18, 2011
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Because I’m so crazy about my stupid watch, I am on the lookout for mustard yellow tops to match the yellow on the dial. Fortunately I already own one cardigan that goes quite well. It has been getting a lot more wear since I got this watch.

Zenith Rainbow Elite

(Oh geez, posting that pic made me realize I forgot to set the date after it sat dead for a couple days. Derp.)

My watch repair kit came in last week and I resized the bracelet. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the pins on the watch back out to put the bracelet on. So it remains on the NATO. I’m loving the braided NATO anyway. I don’t need to add holes or look for a short length (which I’m not sure even exists for these anyway) and I can make it exactly as tight or loose as I please. They are a godsend for the puny-wristed. $20 on eBay.

Braided NATO strap

Here’s a shot to show how thin this watch is. You can also see where I scratched up the lug trying to get the pin out. :(

Zenith Rainbow Elite - 9mm thick

All pics were taken with my camera phone in poor lighting conditions (ah, the wonders of fluorescent office lighting), so you’ll have to excuse the quality.

P.S. I am (mostly) left-handed and wear my watch on the right wrist.

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