The Ram Ones

June 14, 2013

In high school I was buddies with this punk rocker fellow (at least that’s what I considered him because I didn’t know shit from a shingle when it came to genres… we were in band together). My fondest memory of him is when he was making fun of kids who didn’t know anything outside of top 40 music, and mockingly said, “Who are the Ram Ones?” (ram wuns) in reference to the Ramones.

Since then (early 2000s), whenever I see that name, I read it to myself as “Ram Ones.” Even Joey Ram One is not immune. It became so rote I actually have to think about it a hair longer if I want to say it correctly in my head. I am waiting for it to come full circle, when I say it out loud, and someone looks at me like I’m insane and asks, “Who are the Ram Ones?”

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