August 16, 2013

When we were stuck in Dublin without our luggage, Rich and I stopped at a Marks & Spencer to pick up some essentials, like socks and undies. I got a pack of simple cheapie underwear I figured would get me through the trip and I wouldn’t feel bad tossing when they’d inevitably (I thought) fall apart in a few months. A few years later and they are my favorite underwear. They’ve held up better than all my other underwear, no VPL!!! (this is sort of a huge deal since the pants trousers I wear the most are pants trousers that are very unforgiving in this area), are very comfortable, wear very well under all types of clothing, and are great for travel (wash and dry easily, roll up teeny tiny). I didn’t know I could love underwear so much.

Imagine my elation when I learned that shipping from M&S online is free to the US and they still carry this wonderful line of underwear. I have no idea why I didn’t look this up earlier. I guess with our track record of hitting up the UK every other year, I thought I’d be back in person to buy them, but I guess all the drinking in Edinburgh made me totally forget about it.

Yeah, I am totally excited about being able to buy underwear from the UK. This is life-changing stuff, guys!

3 Comments to Knickers

  • Ricky says:

    Marks and Sparks underwear are, for some reason, famous for their underwear.

    We’re coming to America for the longer term pretty soon (tomorrow). It hadn’t occured to me to start worrying about buying quality pants.

    • Quynh says:

      No need to worry now that shipping from M&S is free!

      Where in the States? And for how long? I actually just assumed you were still in Chicago even though that was… Years ago, now.

      • Ricky says:

        Actually I was in Chicago only for last summer. I’m now in New Haven, which is quite close (by American standards).

        You mean M&S will ship things in America for free? They must be desperate (they have well-documented issues in the UK)

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