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My Hood > Yours

Posted by Quynh on September 28, 2010
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At least it’s probably more expensive than yours.

America’s Most Expensive ZIP Codes

Mine is #22. I’m a little surprised, frankly. I know EV/LES has its share of fancy new high-rises, but we still have a lot of artists and students and tiny craptastic apartment buildings like mine. How in the world is our median home price $2.8MM? Especially considering the median income is $60,000. CLASS WAR!

Last Thursday this older dude at the bar got pissed off at this young dude and reamed him out for having “Mommy and Daddy pay your $3,000 a month rent while you go out and buy $300 jeans and iPhones.” Okay, maybe I added the $300 jeans and iPhones part, but you get the gist. Poor kid just slunk away.

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Who Wants My Apartment?

Posted by Quynh on July 21, 2010
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Anyone wanna sublet my apartment through May of next year? I’m spending enough time at Rich’s that this place is nothing but a big walk-in closet at this point. A $1400/month walk-in closet.

Excellent Union Square/East Village location and all that. Not for anyone who values peace and quiet though. Or AC or cable TV or Internet (but you can steal that from the cafe across the street or any of the open wifi access points I get).

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Love Thy Neighbour

Posted by Quynh on June 02, 2010
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Now I know why paps come to my little street: Tom Cruise lives here! With the NYU Palladium kids and drunken amateurs from Bar None (pretty much one and the same—though I’ll be honest, the NYU kids are really only bad when finals are over and they’re screaming like idiots in the streets), I have such wonderful neighbours, eh?

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City Scenes

Posted by Quynh on May 28, 2010
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Offloading some pics I’ve had lying around on my phone.

Broadway at Union Square this morning.


Right to the point.


Damn straight.


ATB @ Nokia Theatre, 19 March 2010


View from my window in winter. (If you know the EV, it's easy to figure out where I live from this.)


Andy Moor @ Santos Party House, 20 Feb 2010


Ferry Corsten @ Nokia Theatre, 12 Feb 2010


Ferry Corsten @ Nokia Theatre, 12 Feb 2010

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Today’s a Good Day

Posted by Quynh on March 10, 2010
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That’s what the guy (I think his name is Marcus) behind the counter at my local game store said when I asked him why he was so excited as he was ringing up my copy of Final Fantasy XIII.

Did I mention there’s a local game store a few doors down from my apartment? And they seem to know a lot of their regulars? Neighborhood places DO exist!

Anyway, after I had my game in hand, I opened the door to leave the store and just about stepped on one of these little guys standing right in front of the door.

Hi, Stinky!


A Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, or in Quynh Lingo, a Jamesie (as in King James, because when I was first learning about this dog I could never remember the full name). My latest most favouritest of the Canis lupus familiaris species.

Indeed, it was a good day. Provided your day starts after you get out of work.

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TV Takes My Hoods, Ruins Them Forever

Posted by Quynh on January 08, 2010
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First it was Jersey Shore. Now it’ll be this:

The Sceneā€¦L.E.S

Granted I am in the East Village (technically), but it’s close enough to feel the pain.

I cannot escape the big evil media machine.

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Oh, By the Way…

Posted by Quynh on May 27, 2009
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I moved into Manhattan on Sunday, May 17. It’s a tiny studio apartment in the busy Union Square area/edge of the East Village. I absolutely love the neighborhood and the fact that I’m within walking distance to everything cool. So it’s noisy and small, but it’s not like I’m going to be spending that much time sitting around in my apartment when I have things to do all around me. The place is really coming together; pics to come soon.

I guess I’d better change my profile page too. So much for living in Jersey City for the next few years…

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