Is There a Game Where People Don’t Give a Crap?

Posted by Quynh on February 10, 2010
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Or at least a clan or something? I hate playing games like Halo or MW2 because I feel like I’m screwing it up for everyone else. I mean, I do enjoy playing FPS games with other people, but not when they get too serious about it and get pissy with me for dying 20 times more than I kill. It’s not like I purposely dick around, I’m just that bad. Only reason I don’t stick strictly to social games is it’s more fun to play with your buddies and they always want to play real games.

I would make a dick-wagging joke, but I get it. I really do. I think some people go a bit overboard, but I really do understand the competitiveness and I can understand the frustration that must come when some newbie jumps in and pulls you down. I just want to find a group who doesn’t give a crap about rankings, just wants to play and be silly.

My fondest memories of gaming have been when everyone is just screwing around. Riding around on the Elephant in Halo, knife parties in Counter-Strike, all the silly situations that tend to develop when it’s 5 in the morning and it’s just you and a handful of other people crazy enough to be up then.

FPS games aren’t my genre of choice but when that silly business happens in multiplayer games, I have the absolute most fun I’ve ever had in a game. I just wish there were more like-minded people.

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