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Games I’m Looking Forward to this Year

Posted by Quynh on February 12, 2010
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"Lightning." Horrible naming conventions and whiny protagonists do not stop me from loving this series.

Final Fantasy XIII – My favorite franchise. Sadly I’m even considering the special Xbox 360 bundle. I hate you, Microsoft. But this is hard to resist when my Xbox is broken and this game is coming out.

Lego Universe – It’s cute and you can build stuff. Plus it requires no crazy mouse and keyboard skills and will likely have fewer people calling each other faggots while teabagging their vanquished opponents.

Starcraft 2 – Duh. Excited for this game, excited for ATVI’s stock price after it’s released. If it even gets released this year.

Those are really enough to keep me busy for the whole year and beyond. Hell, I’m still playing Oblivion.

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