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Posted by Quynh on June 08, 2010
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I got FIFA World Cup 2010 yesterday for XBox 360. I suck total balls at it. I tried playing online and my opponent scored a goal in three minutes. He went on to score five more goals before halftime. But I say it’s unfair since Germany’s stats are ridiculous in this game. I was playing as Holland.

Speaking of Holland, I’m rooting for Partij van de Aardbei in tomorrow’s election. …Oh, wait, it’s Arbeid? Not so cute.

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Games I’m Looking Forward to this Year

Posted by Quynh on February 12, 2010
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"Lightning." Horrible naming conventions and whiny protagonists do not stop me from loving this series.

Final Fantasy XIII – My favorite franchise. Sadly I’m even considering the special Xbox 360 bundle. I hate you, Microsoft. But this is hard to resist when my Xbox is broken and this game is coming out.

Lego Universe – It’s cute and you can build stuff. Plus it requires no crazy mouse and keyboard skills and will likely have fewer people calling each other faggots while teabagging their vanquished opponents.

Starcraft 2 – Duh. Excited for this game, excited for ATVI’s stock price after it’s released. If it even gets released this year.

Those are really enough to keep me busy for the whole year and beyond. Hell, I’m still playing Oblivion.

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My Baby Xbox 360 Died

Posted by Quynh on January 19, 2010
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I’ve had the thing only a little over 1.5 years, barely used it for most of its short life, and last month picked it up again to play Oblivion after which it started freezing and then went kaput. No Red Ring either. At first it just seemed like a disc drive issue, as I could get the main menu going (and probably Live, if I had an internet connection), but now the thing can’t even get past the initial splash screen.

It really pisses me off that a $300 piece of equipment (actually, I think I got it when it was $350) bought brand new and treated with the utmost care is already bricked and to fix it through official means would cost upwards of $120. Words cannot express my disappointment and frustration with Microsoft right now. And to think my Super NES is almost 20 years old and still going, after being shipped across the country and moved apartments 2-3 times. Plus I got it used, so who knows what kind of abuse it was dealt from the previous owner.

In my heart of hearts I want my XBox back in working order. I want to play FFXIII when it comes out. But I’m so pissed off right now that I want to write it off and never give them my business again. I am even tempted to get a PS3—everything is cross-platform anyway these days, right? I just cannot justify throwing away that $350+ or spending over $100 to fix it, making the cost of my unit over $450 which equates to over $25 a month for the ~18 months I had it. Even without the fix or including the cost of games, at $350 it cost $19.44 per month in entertainment.

The per-month cost of entertainment was greater than the cost of a WoW subscription, and that PISSES ME OFF. A brand new entertainment system lasted only 1.5 years, and that PISSES ME OFF. It will cost $75 to get it fixed at the local game store, or $120 to send it to MSFT, and that PISSES ME OFF.

Out of principle I do not want to support them anymore. But goddamn if they don’t have me by the balls.

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